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StonkForums homepage revamped!

Discussion in 'The Water Cooler' started by bigbear0083, Aug 28, 2023.

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    Hi guys!

    You may have recently noticed that the homepage here underwent a bit of change. I say "recently", but really mean just over this past weekend. So very very recent. :p

    A lot of the things that were added to the homepage here were already existing sidebar widgets from my chatroom website http://www.smlchat.com .

    Well, guess you can say that I felt a bit compelled to port a few of them over into here also, because some of them are kinda useful to have imo.

    I certainly hope I haven't totally overwhelmed the homepage here with those new additions of the sidebar widgets! But, just in case I did overdo it a bit, please let me know in this thread, as it would be great input and feedback for me. :)

    Hope you guys like the new revamped homepage here. I was initially setting this up with 2 sidebar on each side. But, upon further review, I went ahead and kept things put to 1 sidebar (on the right). I think this setup looks the best for the site that we have here. Unlike on http://www.smlchat.com which has 2 sidebars on both sides. Somehow it looks way better on that site as opposed to this one here. So keeping things status quo as before on here.

    Anyway, feel free to comment on these recent changes here. Constructive criticism is also welcome. :p

    Hope you guys like the new look!
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