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Live Chat

So you have admitted you have a problem?


That is a great first step!


Now come join the rest of the StonkForums brothers and sisters in live chat!


We are using Discord for chat which is a very cool new player in the voip field, they are taking away business from skype and others, so come check it out!


Logging in as easy as 1,2,4!


Just click the connect button, and if you can't figure it out from that point,then there is not much hope for you!


However, you will most likely find lots of people more than willing to help if you get lost.


Be sure to download the standalone app for your PC or Mac, its a very lightweight client, does not use up much resources and extremely easy to use.


You can also download an iPhone or android app, again the mobile clients are very lightweight and great for keeping in touch with us and the markets!


See you there!