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Daily SPX Sentiment Poll for Tuesday (7/30)

Discussion in 'Stock Market Polls' started by bigbear0083, Jul 8, 2024 at 12:23 PM.


How do you see the SPX closing on Tuesday (7/30)?

This poll will close on Jul 30, 2024 at 3:23 AM.
  1. Up.

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  2. Flat. (+/-0.15% or less)

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  3. Down.

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    This is a poll for Tuesday 7/30, 2024
    Expires Tuesday at 4AM eastern on: 7/30/24
    Don't forget to click the "Vote Now" button! ;)

    How does SF think the S&P500 will close 7/30?

    Starting point:

    **Starting point will be edited into this post after previous close**
    *Link to Previous Daily Poll Thread*
    Don't forget to post your vote to be listed in the 2024


    Results from the last poll (7/29)
    0.00 (+/-0.00%)

    StonkForums Voted

    No daily poll tally for SF on Monday. Credit goes to the UP votes! :cool:

    Post your Vote!

    1) For purpose of the spreadsheet record flat is currently based on +/-0.15% or less. Of course, everyone can define flat any way they choose.
    2) Up, Flat, or Down must be clearly specified in a post in order to be listed in the spreadsheet, otherwise it'll be assumed that post was not intended to be a part of the official record.
    3) It's OK to post your vote if you missed the deadline after the poll has expired and if the market has not really moved that much or especially if your late vote is opposite or flat of the S&P futures ATM. It will be up to my discretion and obviously, the more active voters will be given more leeway.
    4) Starting and ending points based on official daily ending close of the market.
    5) The primary goal of this game is to track our performance. You can consider it a contest or as a personal critiquing tool to better ones performance
Thread Status:
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