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  1. Ludicrous Returns
    Ludicrous Returns
    Developed stock model to find best stocks and when to buy or sell based on patterns that predict. Wrote book Ludicrous Returns vs The Market
  2. Short Wall Street
  3. Short Wall Street
    Short Wall Street
    Active Investor // Short Seller
  4. customluxuryboxes
    We specialize in high-end custom luxury boxes packaging custom made to your required specifications.
  5. Lookmaaan
    Snappin checks and cashin necks yo..
  6. Kinetex
  7. CurrentWatrJoe
    We have 4 commercial water plants to build. Now we have 645,000 in Pumptronics sales.
  8. CurrentWatrJoe
    Consultant for Current Water Technologies
  9. rando
    rando bigbear0083
    Hey Big Bear, Long time . this still yr home? looks like it. I have been trading recently - scans & ideas not enough to keep busy. using TQQQ/SQQQ SOXL/SOXS TNA/TZA. liking uranium sector, & SRUUF to trade spot U. Big tech, LNG, Not much else. Hit me up at xstopher@yahoo.com, let me know how active this page is and how active you are in the markets. Hope life is treating you kindly!
  10. bigbear0083
    The NYSE is closed on Monday, January 2nd, 2023 in observance of New Year's Day! Happy New Year 2023 to all of you here at StonkForums!!! :)
  11. Evelyn Mee
    Evelyn Mee
    To be financially free, try other opportunities
  12. Evelyn Mee
    Evelyn Mee Stoch
    Are you depressed over the downfall of the market due to recession? Don't be. DM Mrs Susan Peterson for a whooping strategies to bounce back to profit on Facebook at Susan Forex Peterson
  13. Bullsitter
    Active day trader
  14. EarningsBuyer
    Back in action!
  15. Stock Target Advisor
    Stock Target Advisor
    Stock Target Advisor provides financial news and analyst ratings to educate the audience regarding stocks.
  16. Daniel Christopher
    Daniel Christopher
    OTC Market | TSXV | Penny Stocks | Canadian Stocks
  17. rich
  18. bigbear0083
    REMINDER: US. Markets are closed tomorrow (Friday, April 15th) in observance of Good Friday. Have a great weekend StonkForumers! :)
  19. Dylan
    Binoption allows traders to learn trading or options trading by analyzing the market movement & other factors. https://www.binoption.net/
  20. bigbear0083